Which Cereal Would You Buy?

Don't worry parents...all organic, no artificial colors or preservatives (catch words)

One of our 3rd and 4th grade classes did a short unit on propaganda. Of course, children at this age are not sophisticated enough to understand the nuances of political propaganda, but a good place to start to learn about how we can be manipulated is to learn how these techniques are used in advertising, which the class heard about from an advertising professional. The students then designed cereal box covers using the techniques of bandwagon, transfer, testimonials, and glittering generalities. They chose colors, which they learned evoked certain moods, and they incorporated literary devices such as onomatopoeia, alliteration, and power words. 

Obviously the children not only figured out how to advertise, they also got their parents' number!

Fruity Fruits (box had a great scene with a beach - a technique using transfer)

Eat more, play better (catchy phrase)

They will get you working (catchy phrase)

Penguin Puffs (alliteration)

Whole Grain (proudly displayed on box as an ingredient)

Ultimate chocolate flavor, epic cereal (power words)

Picture of a Baseball Player (testimonial)

Be the first on your block (bandwagon technique)

You will love them from the 1st bite (catchy phrase)

Crunchy Crunchers (alliteration)

Pictures of Emma Watson, the right cereal for you (testimonial, catch phrase)

They taste like victory (catch phrase)


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