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Insights from the Intersection of Childhood and Education

Friday, February 28, 2014

When I'm 100 Years Old...

The Purple Kindergarten celebrated the 100th Day of School this week and did a lot of projects around the number 100. For example, they created a picture of what they think they will look like at 100 years old. The pictures included wrinkled faces, lots of gray hair and even some beards. They finished their pictures by writing about what they think they would be doing at the age of 100.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Preschoolers on the Titanic

The Titanic unit included a tea party followed by elegant ballroom dancing
 on the high seas!
The four-year-old children in the Blue Room have been learning about the Atlantic Ocean. Since they were curious about ship wrecks, the class decided to study the Titanic. First, they watched a video of the Titanic before and after it sank. 

The children were intrigued by the various rooms and classes on the Titanic, and how old fashioned it all looked. They created a plan of the Titanic in the classroom and drew in many of the rooms and floors it had inside.

The children's interest in the Titanic fit in nicely with the class's overall theme of building, and thus the children drew blue prints of the Titanic and built models with recyclable materials. Next the children will experiment to see what floats and what sinks.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome to Antarctica!

Our first and second graders have been studying Antarctica, which, given the current frigid weather in Chicago, seems very fitting.

In fact, the penguins got so cold here that they donned hats and scarves!

The first and second graders have become experts on penguins and have been hosting other classes in their Antarctica-styled classroom to share their knowledge.

Question poster by the three-year-old visitors from the Purple Room

The class's flag is back! It flew over McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica, taken by a University of Chicago scientist who'd visited the class before leaving for the South Pole in December.

On a particularly cold day this week, the children decided to open the classroom windows and visitors had to wear coats. After all, they were visiting Antarctica!