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Insights from the Intersection of Childhood and Education

Friday, November 20, 2015

Family Is...

All our preschool classes worked on a family project. What is family? The children gave their own answers, and each classroom chose to present them in a different way. The result is a gorgeous exhibit, currently displayed in the preschool hallway.

The Purple Room asked children to make a drawing, the parent/tot class did parent/child hand prints, the Blue Room created weavings. Others did collages, sepia prints and little story boards.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Lech Lecha - Migration through a Jewish Lens

As part of their great study of Migration, our Kitah Alef (first grade) class explored: What do monarch butterflies and whooping cranes have in common with our ancestors Abraham and Sarah, as well as our own great-grandparents. They all migrate(d). Butterflies and cranes migrate as part of their life cycle. Abraham and Sarah were told by G-d to migrate from Charan to Cana'an.

What was it like to pick up and move? What animals did Abraham and Sarah take with them? What did they see along the way? Where did our great-grandparents come from? These are some of the questions the children have been investigating.

Within the continuing story of the Jewish people, the students explored how their own great-grandparents migrated from places such as Japan, Ukraine, Egypt, South Africa, England, Israel, Poland Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Belgium, Germany and France to the United States. They left to escape persecution and/or to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Leaf Observations

"I see stem and leavy parts. I see red, orange and yellow. I see spots. I see a hexagon." - Matthew

The four-year-olds in the Blue Room have been closely observing all the beautiful leaves that are floating down from the maple trees outside. A light table helped in tracing their shapes, and after working with the leaves, the kids recorded their findings. Education in the Scientific Method begins early!

"I see colors. I see red. It looks like a tree. The edges are smooth." - Noa