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A Student's Perspective on School in Akiba Atmosphere

by 8th grader Nina Glick

Akiba-Schechter is an extraordinary school. My eight years at Akiba prior to the Corona Virus were enjoyable, and I didn’t think a place as special as Akiba-Schechter could have been replicated until it unveiled its online equivalent: Akiba Atmosphere.

At the beginning of this pandemic, Akiba remained calm and did all that was possible to keep the students safe and healthy. When Governor Pritzker announced that all Illinois schools would be closed, Akiba transitioned from teaching in a physical classroom to a digital one. The administration and teachers put together a professional website in a matter of days, and learning through this Akiba Atmosphere site has been easy and fun for us students.

Every morning the entire middle school and staff meet on a video call for morning announcements.

The sense of community I feel on that video chat is similar to the one I feel on a normal day. 
The classes are still engaging, and I have many opportunities to meet with te…

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