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Insights from the Intersection of Childhood and Education

Monday, February 13, 2017

Exploring the World of Dr. Seuss

In the Yellow Room, the children have been busy creating. Researching on Dr. Seuss and his creatures by reading books and looking at life-size images of his characters inspired the children to create their own "Dr. Seuss" characters.

First, they made a rough draft of what they wanted to create. Then, taking what aspects they wanted to keep, they made a line drawing with permanent marker and then painted it with water color. These drawings served as their blueprints in creating their character sculptures, using recycled materials like plastic bottles and shredded paper, as well as clay, felt, pipe cleaners, etc.

After finishing their sculptures, the children wrote stories about their creatures, including where they came from, what their names are, and what they like to eat. Following Dr. Seuss, they also got creative with words, using silly spelling and working on rhymes.

Now the question is, where will the children's imaginations take them next?

Friday, December 16, 2016

Meet Our Macabees

As part of their learning about Chanukah, our Kindergarten students talked about the Macabees who stood up against King Antiochus's decrees that denied the Jews to practice their religion. They discussed what it means to stand up for themselves, their values and principles. The children were very engaged and shared situations when they were brave, or strong, or afraid. It was also great to see how proud they were of the fears they had overcome, and how willing they were to think about whom they could help overcome their fears.

The children created Macabee shields exploring their own fears, courage and bravery.