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In Memoriam: Sharon Vadeboncoeur - Many a Parent's and Child's Extraordinary First Teacher

by Carla Goldberg, Early Childhood Director
We are immensely saddened to have lost a very special colleague, friend and teacher this past Sunday, September 15: Sharon Vadeboncoeur. Sharon taught in our preschool for over 20 years. She wasn't just a teacher - she was many children's first teacher. With her straightforward and honest advice, and a wicked sense of humor, Sharon helped new parents. Many of us are the parents we are today thanks to Sharon. We are all so grateful for all the gifts that she gave us and our children.    Sharon in the Purple Room, 2016 I will never forget my first piece of advice from Sharon. I used to pack my two-year-old son a lot of choices for lunch because he was such a picky eater. One day, Sharon looked at me and said, "Carla, lunch at school isn't a buffet. You pack so much that your son can't find the entree. Let's limit it to three choices, and I promise he will eat something."   Sharon in the Green Room, 2009
That was Sharon…

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