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One Child's Idea Results in a Communal Masterpiece Online

 by Carla Goldberg, Early Childhood Director

Last week we were studying photos of flowers in our Zoom class of four-year-olds, each one of us drawing our own pictures of flowers for our mom for Mother’s Day.

Something unexpected happened when I, the teacher, shared my whiteboard screen.  I had drawn a few outlines of flowers, and we were discussing the shapes of the flowers. Then a child asked if she could draw on my screen and add her own flowers. Next thing I knew, the children were drawing on the screen together. Some added new flowers, some drew the grass or the sky, and some colored in another friend’s flowers. 

Spontaneously, we created a communal masterpiece on screen. It was a beautiful moment. We were so proud of the art we had created together. It was also incredible  to witness the children teach each other how to use this function on zoom as they were adding color and lines.

I even had parents chiming in, sharing how excited they were about what we were creating together a…

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