Recipe for Mofletta

Shani and a student flatten out the dough.

For a little celebration of Mimuna, a post-Passover holiday brought to Israel by North African Jews, our B'not Sherut Tamar and Shani (young Israeli women who do one year of their national service by working in a Jewish day school abroad) baked the traditional pancake bread Mofletta with students. The students verdict: Very tasty!

Recipe for Mofletta

7 ½ cups flour
1 tbsp. sea salt
4 tbsp. sugar
3 ½ cups water (may need slightly more or less)
1-2 tbsp. grape seed oil for kneading

Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl. The dough should be easy to work with, but not overly gluey or goopy. Once mixed, let the dough rest on the counter for a half hour. Remove a large pinch of dough and roll it in to a ball, about 3” - 4” in diameter. Repeat until all dough is used. Throughout this process, keep your hands well oiled.

Add ½ tbsp. oil (or cooking spray) to a large frying pan over medium heat. On a well-oiled surface, spread a ball of dough into a thin “cake” so that it will fit close to the edges of your pan. Gently place the thin cake of dough into the frying pan; when the bottom is golden after a few minutes (or less), flip it on the other side and immediately place another layer of dough on the one in the pan. You may have to add a small amount of oil to the pan after every few flips. Repeat this process until you have several layers of “Moflettot.” Once you’ve reached 5-8 layers, remove from the pan and repeat the same process. Traditionally served with butter or honey. B’tayavon and enjoy!

Tamar and Shani serve up Mofletta.


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