A Classroom Becomes a Beehive

One of our 1st/2nd grade classes turned their classroom into a "beehive" and invited other classes to visit so they could share all they had learned about bees. They acted the parts, too!


Before granting entry into the classroom "beehive," two worker bees sprayed visitors with "beehive scent" (a.k.a. water) so that they wouldn't be attacked as strangers by the bees in the hive.

Teacher Mrs. Rapp was the beekeeper and showed off combs that had been used in a real hive for visitors to see how small those wax hexagons actually are.

Inside, worker bees explain all that they do, namely work for 10-12 hours every day! And they are all female, mind you.

True to form, the drones sat around and had a good time, even sipped "nectar" from those big yellow bottles! The visiting 3rd graders were a bit astounded that the drones' only job was to mate with the queen, and that the worker bees do all the work.

Check out the glittery wings on that drone, though!

The queen bee explains her role in the beehive, and the great danger to her if another queen were to appear.

Lo and behold, another queen does appear!

The queen fights for her position. She wins and...

...the reign of the golden eyelashes is secured for the time being.


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