Exploring Pyramid Building

As the Exodus and Passover are in the air, the Kindergarten class has been learning about ancient Egypt. Culminating this study, the children were asked to build a pyramid with a parent and then bring it to school for a magnificent display.

This project gave the children a chance to recall all they had learned and apply it in their own way. In line with our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to early childhood education, this project bridges school and family by giving students the opportunity to spend time with their parent while working on this school project.

This project allowed the students to:

  • Display an understanding what a pyramid is
  • Demonstrate ability to represent a pyramid
  • Communicate ideas during the process and share them lateron
  • Choose materials and other details (Decision making)
  • Problem solving during the process of building
  • Be creative
  • Develop confidence and self esteem
  • Develop independence in the learning process
Students also wrote a reflection on the project.

"It was really fun and hard work. We started with cork and then we put glitter, glue and sand." (Gabriel)

"My mom showed me how to do the bottom part. I did mostly the rest. The top marshmallow is green." (Tamar)

"My pyramid is made of sugar cubes. We did layers and slowly built it up. I did the camel and the Nile River all by myself." (Shoshi)


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