Migration Study

Our first and second graders are studying migration. Specifically, they are learning all about Whooping Cranes as they follow the big birds' trip from Wisconsin to Florida via Operation Migration.

How big is a Whooping Crane? The children measured themselves against a life-size model, and some of the adults got to compare themselves, too.

The preschoolers from the Purple Room also came to learn about Whooping Cranes and to see themselves against the big bird in the hallway.

Any project of course involves hands-on activities. Each student built his or her very own Whooping Crane model.

As part of this study of migration, both of our first and second grade classes are participating in Symbolic Migration, an initiative that has classrooms close to the Monarch butterflies' northern habitats sending class photos and symbolic paper butterflies to classes in Mexico. In the Spring, the Mexican school kids will send a similar package back to classrooms in the north.


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