Favorite Chanukah Books for Children

It's time to think about books to read while "the candles are burning low!" Becky Rubin, who teaches library in our preschool, shares some favorite Chanukah books:

Lift-the-Flap Books

Written by: Joan Holub

Illustrated by: Lynne Cravath

A variety of Chanukiot (menorahs) get lit for Chanukah.

Happy Hanukkah, Biscuit!

Written by: Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Illustrated by: Pat Schories

Biscuit, the puppy, is invited to celebrate Chanukah at his friend Sam’s house. 

Song Books

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah

Illustrated by: Susan L. Roth

Sing along with the cute mouse family and enjoy the lovely paper-cut illustrations.


I Have a Little Dreidel

Written by: Maxie Baum

Illustrated by: Julie Paschkis

The dreidel song you know and love plus a few new verses.

A-Little-Something-Extra Books 

Written and illustrated by: Santiago Cohen

It’s hard to resist these bold, colorful illustrations set against the black pages. The little something extra? Sparkly candle flames.

Written by: Alexandra Cooper

Illustrated by: Claudine Gevry

Learn how fun and easy it is to play the dreidel game - a dreidel is attached!

Longer Story Books

Written by: Sandy Lanton

Illustrated by: Vicki Jo Redenbaugh

Everyone was going to bring food to share at the Chanukah party. Only one person was supposed to bring latkes…read this funny story and find out why everyone ended up bringing latkes!

Written by: Eric A. Kimmel

Illustrated by Giora Carmi

An old woman is busy frying latkes to serve to the Rabbi when he comes to celebrate Chanukah at her home. A bear follows the delicious smell of latkes right into the old woman’s home. The old woman does not see very well, and mistakenly thinks that the bear is the Rabbi. Read this funny to story to find out what happens next.

Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story

Written by: Fran Manushkin

Illustrated by: Robin Spowart

Long ago, in a village far away, a family sadly realizes that this Chanukah they will not be able to have latkes and applesauce. An early blizzard covered the potatoes and apples needed to make their favorite foods. It would take a miracle… Read this clever story to find out how the family ends up having a happy Chanukah after all.


  1. Okay, but honestly, this is my favorite:

    A Jewish version of The Littles, which was one of my favorite series as a kid. And, of course, the title helps!


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