Lech Lecha - Migration through a Jewish Lens

As part of their great study of Migration, our Kitah Alef (first grade) class explored: What do monarch butterflies and whooping cranes have in common with our ancestors Abraham and Sarah, as well as our own great-grandparents. They all migrate(d). Butterflies and cranes migrate as part of their life cycle. Abraham and Sarah were told by G-d to migrate from Charan to Cana'an.

What was it like to pick up and move? What animals did Abraham and Sarah take with them? What did they see along the way? Where did our great-grandparents come from? These are some of the questions the children have been investigating.

Within the continuing story of the Jewish people, the students explored how their own great-grandparents migrated from places such as Japan, Ukraine, Egypt, South Africa, England, Israel, Poland Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Belgium, Germany and France to the United States. They left to escape persecution and/or to make a better life for themselves and their families.


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