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3 Fun and Easy Activites to Help You Celebrate Purim at Home with Your Children

by Carla Goldberg, Early Childhood Director We all know that Purim is going to look different this year. There will be no big Purim parties, carnivals, costume parades and crazy fun for adults and children. What can you create at home that still celebrates the essence of the holiday? Following are some fun, DIY activities that explore the themes of Purim but also engage children in a way that promotes their development: Create your own greggors. Part of the fun of Purim is making noise. Pose the challenge of how many different ways your family can come up with to create a greggor. Provide the children with paper plates, toilet paper tubes, empty plastic bottles and containers, colored tape and some materials to fill them with, such as rice or beans. After making the greggors, hold a vote on which one makes the loudest noise.   Explore emotions. Learning to understand emotions is important developmental learning for children. The Purim story is filled with emotions as the characters e

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