Preschoolers Study Ocean Life

Sea anemone habitat
Our four-year-olds preschoolers recently decided to learn about ocean life. Each child chose an animal she or he was interested in and researched it. After watching a video and learning about the animal, each child went to the art supply room to select materials to create a diorama of the animal's habitat.

Sea anemone eat fish. They are jelly fish's cousin and shoot off poison. They can live on hermit crabs.

This project was an amazing journey for each child. It touched on different domains of child development, such as social, emotional, cognitive and language development. Most importantly, what began as an individual research project became a communal endeavor, and students learned a lot from each other.

Sea jellies are everywhere. They come in different sizes and shapes and colors. They have no bones, eyes, ears, brains.


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