When I Am 100 Years Old

To celebrate the number 100 and their upcoming 100th Day of School Celebration, our Kindergartners have been looking at the number 100 in many different ways. One highlight of their study was asking, "What will I look like when I'm 100 years old? What will I be doing?"

They discussed in groups what someone might look like when they're 100 years old, what they might be doing, and how they would be feeling. They found out that some of the children actually knew someone who was 100 years old.

Then the children created self portraits of what they think they will look like when they're 100 years old.

Most important, of course, would be to be alive at 100!

Hm, really?

Wrinkles, for sure!

  Teeth or the lack thereof were a major characteristic...

...as was walking with a stick.

White hair like that would be great at 100!

Now here's a guy who's going to be unusual at 100: collecting fancy shoes!


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