Building a Dollhouse

As part of their electricity and circuitry unit, the 7th/8th graders had to build dollhouses from scratch. These homes had to include multiple circuits and be fully functional. Everything in the house was created by the student, down to the last details.

The day's specials
This dollhouse featured a bakery on the ground floor and a woman's home on top, replete with her wig collection and inspirational sayings.

The bakery's delicacies, hand-made by the students. The wallpaper in the background features the Geico Gecko, the official "sponsor" of the dollhouse.

Can't forget the hand-braided challah for Shabbat!

This dollhouse appears to be inhabited by sheep. Its residents might have difficulty ascending the attic via the ladder, but we know they'll appreciate the fully decked-out kitchen.

This is where the actual magic happens. Shh! don't tell.

One dollhouse was outfitted as a restaurant.
Here are the dollhouse-sized menus.

The residents of this home are obviously big fans of Ellen Degeneres.
The residents of this home opted for an elevator,
rather than stairs.


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