What Makes a Good Teacher?

One of our 3rd/4th grade teachers asked her students to write a short essay about what makes a good teacher. The answers from this homework were so touching and so insightful:

"someone who remembers what it's like to be nine years old"

"someone who can laugh and does not yell"

"someone who believes and thinks I can do the work even if I don't feel like I can do it myself"

"someone who stays on task"

"someone who doesn't embarrass you in front of the whole school"

"someone who does lots of projects"

"someone who recognizes that we are capable"

"someone who does not take away recess"

"someone who doesn't give spelling tests" {teacher's comment: not happening}

"someone who does not hit you on the knuckles with a ruler" {teacher's comment: I have a lot to try to be, but I can absolutely guarantee that there will be "no hitting on the knuckles with a ruler."}


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