Chicago Architecture Study

Chicago Water Tower - model built
by a 4th grader

Living in a city famous for its architecture, our 3rd/4th graders have been immersed in a study of Chicago architecture. In addition to class lessons guided by the Chicago Architecture Foundation curriculum covering everything from skyscrapers to bungalows, each student independently studied a specific Chicago building of his or her choosing.


The 333 N. Wacker building which, as this
student so cleverly noted, always reflects
the sky.

They researched their buildings online, in books and in person; they created PowerPoints using their research and some photos; and built models using all sorts of creative materials.



One student's fantastic model of the
Chicago Tribune Tower using
Chicago Tribune newspaper

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Building -
all lit up to support the Chicago
White Sox. The student cut out
the requisite windows and
placed a lantern inside the model.

The Chicago Board of Trade made
of sugar cubes.

The Robie House built from Legos.

To wrap up the Chicago architecture study, the 3rd/4th graders embarked on a building docent field trip, visiting all "their" buildings in small groups. Each student was a "docent" for his or her building and lead a tour for the others. They were proud to show off their expert knowledge!

Student docents in front of the Civic
Opera House.

A model of the Civic Opera House
made from Rice Krispie treats; the Sears
(i.e. Willis) Tower is in the back-
ground, made out of fired clay.


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