A Play Creates a Bond

Turns out a school musical performance is exciting not only for the performers, their families and teachers, but also for the performers’ younger friends. Since Akiba-Schechter has grown so much in recent years, we have, for the first time, organized a play, Really Rosie, to be performed by the first through 4th grades, while the middle schoolers will put on their own play in a few weeks.

Thanks to our Buddy Program, all 1st through 4th graders are paired up with a child in Kindergarten or the Blue Room of 4-year-olds, which means that each preschooler and Kindergartener has a special friend in the “upper” grades. And that meant they were truly invested in that performance of Really Rosie.

“Today is the play,” said one Kindergartener on the morning of the first performance, “and I am going to wear a special outfit for that!” Of course she already knew the A, B, C song by heart and had been giving constant renditions at home. Her younger brother was equally excited and following his buddy’s every step on the stage. Another preschooler was gravely disappointed when she got sick and couldn’t watch her buddy perform, and thus made sure to attend the second performance to cheer on her friend.

Plus, all these Kindergarteners and preschoolers can’t wait to get into first grade and be up on that stage themselves!


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