Literary Magazine Launch!

We are proud to announce that we just mailed out contributors' copies of Akiba-Schechter's very first literary magazine, The Jammed Locker, showcasing art work, poetry and stories by students from grades 1-8.

We take much pride in fostering community at Akiba-Schechter; students of all ages can work together to create something spectacular as they did with this journal. As usual, the whole is much more than the sum of the parts. The artwork of a 2nd grader enhances the beauty of a poem written by an 8th grader, as the painting of a 7th grader can mirror the feelings of a 5th grader. And the Creative Writing Club came up with the magazine's fabulous name. Seeing their work published is of course a great accomplishment for all contributors.

Here's a teaser of the kind of work you will see and read in the magazine:

Master Artist Study by Jake Rosenzweig (5th)
Inspired by Amedeo Modigliani's
"Jeanne Hebuterne"

Aya Hamlish (6th)

I Am From

I am from the many who got killed.
I am from the burning books that lay on the streets.
I am from the bloody streets of Hell
and from the trees that hear cries and screams of help.
I am from the long winters that carry on.
I am from the sweet smells that waft through their air.
I am from the songs that are still to be sung.
I am from a chain of life that will carry on.
I am from the hard and happy times
that make pain rush from my mind to my heart.
I am from the many minds that are like one.
I am from the trees that breathe in death and breathe out life.

Inspired by George Ella Lyon's “Where I’m From”

While all families in grades 1-8 will receive a copy in their packet for the new school year, the issue can also be viewed and purchased here:


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