Clean Up is a Big Job

Summer is cleaning time at school. When the kids leave, lockers get emptied, and unclaimed Lost & Found items are donated. The painters come in and freshen up the walls. Long-term maintenance projects are tackled.

But long before all that happens, our custodian Jefferson takes care of the everyday clean up and set up. And that is a big job! Just before preschool let out, the three- and four-year-olds in the Purple Room recognized Jefferson's many contributions by creating a life-size rendering of him, including the keys and walkie talkie he always carries. In a big thank you note, they captured all the different ways he's helped them out, such as:

  • One day Jeff brought a ladder to our class and looked for Asher's airplane on top of the cubbies - thank you, Jeff!
  • One time when Siena went potty and water came out the toilet, Jeff fixed the potty and no  more water! Thank you, Jeff!


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