An Art Gallery Opening in the Kindergarten

Last week, the Kindergarten hosted an art gallery opening, inviting the entire school, parents and caregivers, to showcase their study of master artists. Like any proper gallery opening, it included refreshments, here served under a Jackson Pollock inspired canvas.

Studying an artist like Jackson Pollock involved getting messy. Creating a splatter painting meant getting into all kinds of weird positions, such as hovering over a canvas in Kindergarten teacher Jill Kohl's strong arms, or using unlikely tools, see below.

The toy car turned out to be the favorite tool!

Working like Michelangelo when he was painting the Sistine Chapel meant lying under a table.

The Kindergarten's study of master artists also involved sculpture - here a piece inspired by Michelangelo's working from a slab of marble.

Nature pieces inspired by another grand master of the Italian Renaissance - Leonardo Da Vinci.

A table display of books about master artists and painting tools offered opportunities for gallery guests to explore.

With all this work, every Kindergartner obviously has become an artist in his or her own right.

Exploring Georgia O'Keefe's Cloud Painting.

Gallery guests read up on the stories the children thought might go with these famous paintings.

Sadly, the Kindergarten's rendition of the scream didn't bring in $119.9 million, but everybody was still intrigued.

Nevertheless, the Kindergarten Art Gallery did include some commerce - after all, artists do have to sell their work to finance new endeavors!


  1. love, love!! So sorry I missed it especially my mispelled owner of the lovely sculpture.

  2. Shevy.Ebert - Sorry you missed it! Hopefully the sculpture made it home alright...


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